Friday, March 30, 2012

Day 0: The Travel

28th March 2012 
by Gina Scott, dancer of Semperoper Ballett

Gina Scott

Meeting at the Semperoper at 5.30am in the morning, really is an early start to the day. After waiting for everyone to arrive the bus took us to Dresden airport. 
Start at 5:30am (photo by István Simon)

We left the theater at 6.00am. The energy in the bus was buzzing with excitement for our tour to Abu Dhabi. Once we arrived at the airport everyone checked in and stopped off at the café for refreshments.Our flight from Dresden to Frankfurt left at 8.30am and we arrived at 9.30am. Eventually, we all ended up in one of the restaurants for breakfast
     Morning sunshine at Dresden Airport

The futuristic tunnel of the
Frankfurt Airport (photos by István Simon)
We had sometime before our flight to Abu Dhabi which was at 2.30pm. During the 5 hours we had to wait for the flight, we all did our own thing, which was a range of shopping, sleeping, eating, taking photos and quiz games.

Passports (photo by Gina Scott)

We all checked in at 1.45pm and our flight left at 2.30pm, the flight was 5 hours long. The atmosphere was electric and everyone was so happy. On the flight we were looked after very well, we got lots of food and we had a variety of movies to watch. One of the movies people watched was "Tower Heist" which was a comedy. As we arrived in Abu Dhabi, the air hostess made an announcement in German saying that the Semperoper Ballett are here which was so nice. 
Friends at the Airport (photo by Gina Scott)
We arrived in Abu Dhabi at 10.30pm, we all collected our luggage and went to the bus which was taking us to the Abu Dhabi InterContinental Hotel. 
The Airport of Abu Dhabi: Oriental Beauty (photo by Gina Scott)
When walking out of the airport the feeling of the heat was unbelievable it was so hot it was like you were in a sauna, by this time it was 11.45pm. Outside we admired the palm trees, again the vibes from everyone was great. We took a bus ride to the hotel which took 30 minutes and we all checked in and got our keys and made our way to rooms,  the rooms were amazing and really so posh. Once we got all organised we went on a nice walk near by the hotel and the views where amazing. 

Night at Abu Dhabi (photo by Gina Scott)


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