Saturday, March 31, 2012

Day 1: The Palace

29th March 2012 
by Gina Scott, dancer of Semperoper Ballett

Gina Scott

After an amazing night's sleep in the Incontinental Hotel. When I awoke this morning the sun was shining in through the window which was gorgeous. We got up at 8.30am and went down to breakfast which was incredible. The selection of food to choose from was amazing. The view from the restaurant was so wonderful, seeing the beach and everything else.  After breakfast at 10.00am we made our way to the beach, it was a short walk and on our way, we walked along the harbour where all the boats were anchored. 
The Harbour (photo by Gina Scott)

Once we arrived we all put our sun tan lotion on to protect our skin from the hot sun.  We went into the bright blue sea which was fantastic.  

On the Beach: Ian Whalen, Zarina Stahnke, Seraphine Detscher, Hannah McDonald, 
Mark Wandselb, Charlie Peters, Abby Bushnell, Gina Scott
We stayed at the beach for around 2 hours and then we all met at the Hotel to change our money from euro's to the local currency 'dirhams' . Next we took a bus ride to the supermarket. 
Traditional Arab clothes in the supermarket

It was really interesting watching all the people on our bus journey. We all got lunch and snacks and then made our way to the Emirates Palace, the building is so amazing, absolutely incredible. 

Sarah Hay at the front of the Emirates Palace (photo by Gina Scott)

Once we got in we had a look at the stage and had a security talk, then makeup and hair time began from 2.30pm 'the wigs are amazing'. Class started at 4.15pm and finished at 6pm and then everyone got ready for the first stage rehearsals for La Bayadere. It was hard work, a bit stressful for everyone with spacing and quick changes, but overall we had a great time and it was so much fun.

Already in costume: Virna Toppi, Jenny Laudadio, Elena Diéguez, Susanna Santoro
(photo by Virna Toppi)

The stage rehearsal finished around 10.30pm, then we all got changed.  The bus and taxi were waiting for us to take us back to the hotel. We had to go the main reception to get to them and really it was amazing inside. It was so done up and the appearance was very grand. It's such a privilege to be dancing at the Emirates Palace and we are so happy we have had this wonderful opportunity.

Floor in the Emirates Palace (photo by Virna Toppi)

Sweet :-) towels in the Emirates Palace (photo by Virna Toppi) 

Rolex in the Emerald Palace (photo by Mykola Abramenko)

"Gold to go": gold ATM in Emirates Palace (photo by Mykola Abramenko)

Once we arrived back at the Hotel everyone did their own thing.  A group of us went to find somewhere to have dinner, but in the end we made the decision to have dinner at the Hotels restaurant, where we joined the other company members which was really nice.  After a long wonderful day we all went back to our rooms to bed.


  1. I think it would cost me 10 minutes of my time just looking at that Gold ATM there. Never ceases to amaze me.


  2. Once we arrived we all put our sun tan lotion on to protect our skin from the hot sun. We went into the bright blue sea which was fantastic.

    Khalifa City A