Saturday, March 31, 2012

Day 2: The Premier

30th March 2012 
by Gina Scott, dancer of Semperoper Ballett

Gina Scott

Going to breakfast at 8.00am so that we can go to the beach before the bus arrives. Today is a bit cloudy, therefore, the beautiful sea isn't as warm but it was still an amazing morning swim. At 10.00am the bus arrived to take us all to the Emirates Palace for class at 11:00am which continued in rehearsals and corrections from the stage rehearsal yesterday "29th" and Coppelia.

Backstage refreshments: coffee and tea  (photo by Virna Toppi)
Warm-up: the golden ballet barre in the studio (photo by Virna Toppi)

After rehearsals we all made our way back to the Hotel by bus and went to the beach. Had lunch as it was around 3.00pm by this time the weather was nice and warm which was great. We could watch the people on the jet ski's which looked so exciting. After around 2 hours at the beach everyone left at different times to make their ways back to the Emirates Palace for their hair and make-up. Warm up class was at 7.00pm for half an hour and then the show started at 8.00pm. You could feel by the atmosphere everyone was a little nervous, but very excited for the first performance.

Preparation: Susanna Santoro & Chiara Scarrone (photo by Virna Toppi)

The experience was incredible and after the show everyone was so relieved and we were all so pleased that Aaron Watkin, our artistic director was very happy with how everyone did in the show. Now we all have to just make tomorrows even better, which is what we always aim for 'perfection'.

One of the tutus of Shades (photo by Virna Toppi)
After the show we made our way down town to a traditional restaurant which was very interesting as it is part of the culture. It was great to see the culture the food was very interesting and tasty. We stayed for a few hours and then made our way back to the Hotel to sleep.


  1. Wonderful pictures - looking forward to hearing more stories about the days in Abu Dhabi, a city where cultures & technology meet.

    PS.: I have added your blog on my follower list on (see right hand side; newest entries by you should come up soon)

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