Saturday, March 31, 2012

Day 1: Abu Dhabi and the Emirates Palace

29th March 2012 
photo album by Duosi Zhu, dancer of Semperoper Ballett
Duosi Zhu

Morning shopping in Marina Mall

Very warm welcome at Emirates Palace: We felt treated like real royals!
Amazing Cups

Trying the stage: Charlie Peters, Gina Scott, Johannes Schmidt, Michael Tucker, Duosi Zhu, Jan Oratynski, Briony Viele, Carmen Piqueras

Carmen Piqueras, Briony Viele, Vanja Vitman, Duosi Zhu, Ana Presta
Duosi Zhu & Raquel Martinez

Rebecca Gladstone & Ian Whalen 

In the dressing room: Sara-Michelle Murawski, Caroline Beach, Kanako Fujimoto, Yuki Ogasawara

Physio in work: Barbara Hohlfeld & Arika Togawa

Arika warms up

Ladies' room in the Palace

Duosi Zhu & Arika Togawa in the Palace 

Self portrait in the mirror

Carmen Piqueras, Michael Tucker & Duosi Zhu in a local restaurant

Coca Cola connects cultures :-)


  1. Great pictures, thank you! Great to see that beside the hard work and the performances you have time to enjoy the beauty of Abu Dhabi: I hope to see more and more pictures and above all to know more about this experience.

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