Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Dresden again

3rd April 2012 
by Gina Scott, dancer of Semperoper Ballett

Gina Scott

Waking up this morning for class at 10.00am was not too bad. It was great to sleep for over 9 hours, compared to what I had in Abu Dhabi this was a luxury, but the main thing I was ready for my day. It was strange to think that only 1 day ago I was in another country. When on tour I was surrounded by constant noise from company members, it was such a delight, this morning it was strange as there was complete silence. On tour we would go to the beach before class. But reality sinks in very quickly back to normal, although on a positive note it is so nice to be back as well 'home sweet home'. On my way to the theatre the sun was shining which was very pleasant, although it was slightly chilly, but refreshing.
Skies in Dresden
Once I got to the theater and ready for class, in the studio there was a good vibe, everyone was so happy and talking about their amazing trip to Abu Dhabi. During class I realised that when in Abu Dhabi occasionally I was finding it difficult to balance, at the time I just thought maybe I was tired. When I got back to the Semperoper Ballett's studio thankfully everything was fine. I was really curious so I asked some of the company members who also had the same experience, very strange! But I really don't know why. Class was a lot of fun, I really felt stiff must have been to do with all the travelling. By the end everyone was feeling that there body were tired. Rehearsals started from 11.30am and went on until 6.00pm rehearsing Coppelia for the show on Thursday. During the day, in my break I visited Boglarka Hatala who is the Personal Coach - Body Awareness Physio at the Semperoper Ballett. After I had started rehearsals again the day was good.  It was really nice to be back and get into my routine. I will really miss Abu Dhabi, but as everyone knows that always happens when you experience something new. When I look back at all my photographs it really was fabulous, it is like what you see in movies. It really was a very interesting place and it great to be able to say we experienced the culture. I will speak on behalf of the company members, the Emirates Palace it was such a privilege to have the opportunity to dance there. It was incredible inside the palace, the walls where marble and there was so many other wonderful features, it was lovely to see the decor and ornaments all in gold it really looked so grand, it truly was exquisite. Coming back to Dresden, knowing that the company had a performance of Coppelia in 2 days is so exciting.

During the Coppelia rehearsal
Dancing on the Semperoper stage is also amazing.  I really have a dream job, being able to dance in Dresden and around the world on different stages, to be honest I couldn't ask for anything better.
After a days work at the Semperoper (photo by Gina Scott)


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