Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Tour to Abu Dhabi: Some more photos from Gina Scott and friends

Gina Scott and Abby Bushnell on the way to Abu Dhabi
Jenny Laudadio and Elena Diéguez
The Souk: Gina Scott, Seraphine Detscher, Abby Bushnell (photo by Hannah McDonald)
Shoes at the Souk (photo by Abby Bushnell)
Do anybody has any idea what are they? Souvenirs at the Souk (photo by Hannah McDonald)
Abby Bushnell is sandboarding
Anisa Sinteral-Scott and Gina Scott (photo by Hannah McDonald)
Feeling good
Marianne Bassing and Gina Scott
Dune dance
Gina Scott and Saverio Pescucci

Palm tree (photo by Hannah McDonald)
Gina Scott is sandboarding (photo by Saverio Pescucci)
Saverio Pescucci and Gina Scott
Devadasis in the desert
Gina in arabesque (photo by Saverio Pescucci)
Time to say good by to Abu Dhabi


  1. Thanks to all of you guys for these amazing pictures. It's great to discover more about your tour to Abu Dhabi through them ;-)
    See you on stage @ Semperoper soon! :-)

  2. Thanks a lot Gina, and all the ones making this great experience blog possible. I can imagine the challenges to write, embed pictures, and send the messages out - especially as you have to do your daily work.

    It is great to get a feeling what is happening during a day of a dancer, other than just seeing you on stage.

    Best and looking forward to seeing you all on stage, and around in town

  3. Traveling tends to magnify all human emotions.

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  5. That looks fun. Sand boarding really is thrilling. Climbing up back would be tiresome I think.

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